Billy Marcus and Jackson Palmer founded Dogecoin in 2013 when it was forked from Litecoin. Back in 2013, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin were viewed as instruments that supported illicit activities around the globe and were perceived as against the moral code of conduct. Thus, Dogecoin was launched in December 2013 as a “fun” version of Bitcoin to improve the tarnished reputation of the industry. Within two weeks of the launch of Dogecoin on 6th December 2013, the value of DOGE jumped 300%. The community has done their fair share of charity such as donating approximately $30,000 in DOGE to the Jamaican bobsled team in January 2014 to fund their trip to the Winter Olympics. Explore altcoins commonly held by Dogecoin investors and discover new opportunities. Today, there are 142,709,876,383.705 Dogecoin in circulation, with a current price of €0.0712 euros each.
Coinbase is the named “bitcoin custodian” on most of the ETF filings, meaning Coinbase will be responsible for the security of all the private keys of bitcoin held by these ETFs. Coinbase is also likely the exchange where bitcoin trading will occur for the ETFs when creations and redemptions require it. And Coinbase is the entity responsible for surveillance-sharing agreements with the ETFs’ listing exchanges—an SEC mandate for a better line of sight into crypto markets where trading could affect ETF prices. Much relies on Coinbase’s safe passage. Base is a Layer-2 (L2) network developed by Coinbase, North America’s largest centralized cryptocurrency exchange. It represents a significant part of Coinbase’s long-term vision of bringing a billion users to the cryptocurrency ecosystem.